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My boating year – Warwick to Apsley

In this second part of my review of last year’s boating (mis)adventures, things go wrong pretty much straight away and it slowly dawns that anything vaguely resembling a plan is going out of the window.

My boating year – 2022 (Part One)

As the new calendar year starts, my 22nd year on Bream has just come to a close. I thought it might be interesting to summarise what has been … Read more

21st December 1999 – the journey begins

On the morning of 21st December 1999, the shortest day of the year, I was at Glasson Dock, near Lancaster, to watch NB Bream lifted out of the … Read more

Is it cold in winter… and other stories

That and toilets really. Those are the things people ask about first when they find out you live on a boat. I’ve long had a stock (and true) … Read more

Fish Class boats (Bream, Brill, Carp & Chub)

I’ve written a few articles over the years that might end up on here, of which this was the first. Written in 2004 for the Historic Narrow Boat … Read more

21 years afloat

In 2020 I put together this set of photos, one from each year on board. They appear here without descriptions, but in chronological order.

Off we are!

The first post on a site is a strange thing, you’ve not really found a voice, and your audience don’t know what to expect. Helpfully, I’ve got a … Read more