has existed in various incarnations, with different software, for around 20 years. Before the domain name existed, the very first site was hosted by Pipex on my member account. Inevitably, the ubiquitous Wayback Machine has a copy from mid-2001.

The domain name was registered in November 2002 and the first version was published on 9th December. This can also be found in the archive. The image seen above was the homepage of this first “proper” site.

From the earliest versions I’ve tried to tell the story of Bream, and of the other Fish Class boats, as well as some of my own interests.

I’ve been asked many times whether I have a blog or vlog and other than this site the answer has always been no. However this month (December 2022) the old girl turns 90 and it feels like it might be a good time to say a bit more about the boat, about my life afloat over the past 23 years, and assorted other related issues.

It’s also my first time using WordPress on a site of my own, which may or may not be a good thing, only time will tell. I’m a big fan of Drupal, but it really is not in the same league as a blogging tool, and for once this site is about the content not the process of building it. Expect off-the-shelf visuals and no fancy plugins!

That said, I do hope you enjoy it. I’m going to see how long I can leave comments active for, without the site being spammed to oblivion…