Month: January 2023

Off we go again – I wonder where to…

After assorted challenges, I’ve finally been back on the move this weekend, but with no firm plan beyond where I wanted to end up today.

My boating year – dodging the stoppages

This final part of my review of 2022 boating, I explore a bit of canal I’ve never seen before, fail to get to my favourite waterway and end up on very familiar territory

My boating year – back on the move

In this fourth section of my review of 2022 boating adventures, I am finally ready to head north from my temporary marina mooring. Shortages of water over the summer had led to unprecedented closures of several canals, with talk of more to follow.

My boating year – finally in London

“Such fun this boating lark. Turns out I have tendon damage after what I thought was a trivial slip in Warwick a fortnight ago”
This was my post on Facebook on the evening of 16th May.

Fish class boats (Rudd, Shad, Skate, Tench and Trout)

This is the final extract from my 2004 article for the Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club. As I’ve said previously, the details of a number of these boats … Read more

My boating year – Warwick to Apsley

In this second part of my review of last year’s boating (mis)adventures, things go wrong pretty much straight away and it slowly dawns that anything vaguely resembling a plan is going out of the window.

My boating year – 2022 (Part One)

As the new calendar year starts, my 22nd year on Bream has just come to a close. I thought it might be interesting to summarise what has been … Read more