Web design

I build and/or manage website for a variety of organisations, both commercially and as part of my involvement with various waterway-related groups. The following is a non-exhausitive list of websites I have worked on in the past couple of years.

Contact me if you would like to talk about a project. Costs to build a new site vary from a few hundred pounds to several thousand, depending on what you want. I can take care of hosting and support as well as initial development if you want me to. I can help you to evolve a design for the site and will do photography if required, but I am not a graphic designer. I have contacts who can often help with this if it is required, or I can work with your usual designer.

Commercially developed sites:

Historic Narrow Boat Club

A fully content-managed canals site, powered by Drupal, replacing a well-used but outdated static site. Published in March 2010, it is now up to over 700 pages and has nearly 250 registered users. Lots of interesting functionality. Registered HNBC members have access to additional content. The site was completely redesigned using a responsive theme in 2014.

There is an automated feed of news stories on the homepage of this site.

Potteries Heritage Society

Built as part of a major project undertaken by the Society, with the support of Stoke-on-Trent City Council and funded by English Heritage. The new site has had a visual redesign to tie in with the publication of new promotional materials, which I also designed. The related Revealing Voices website based around material recorded for the BBC by my late father, Arthur Wood, is also one of mine.

Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership

The initial site was put together very quickly to allow us to introduce the project to both the public and potential partner organisations. It was built in a way to allow us to expand it considerably at a later stage. This was indeed done and the site has since undergone three major redevelopments whilse retaining all the content. The site spawned a community edited resource, the Churnet Valley Guide, which is constantly expanding.

[I should also note that as well as developing the site I co-wrote four of the project proposals which have now been submitted to HLF: Bridge 70, Froghall link, mileposts and the interpretation strategy.]


Waterway-related sites:

Caldon & Uttoxter Canals Trust

The original site was an early attempt at a CSS design that has stood the test of time because it was so visually simple. Over time, assorted interactive components were bolted onto it, a calendar, then a gallery, most recently a shopping cart.

Following security problems with the calendar and shop components towards the end of 2010 I finally ported the site to Drupal.

There is an RSS feed of news stories from the site on the homepage of this site.

Cheshire Locks Project

Another very simple design. Visually designed to tie in with a leaflet that had I also photographed and designed. Was ported to Drupal in mid 2010 from static pages as we need additional functionality for surveys etc.

Burslem Port

This was quckly built using a standard Drupal template but is slowly being expanded. The site was my first one to have a "proper" gallery but this went through several incarnations. Some of the older versions can be seen in places. I'm currently revamping the site to bring it up to speed as the project has now formed into a Trust as of February 2011.



This site

Built in Drupal after various earlier hard coded and content managed incarnations. One point of note is that the visual theme is an almost out of the box design, rather than one I built from scratch.

I do use the site for testing quite a bit so don't be surprised to see strange content dotted around the place at times.

The Fish Class boats section was built as a test for the HNBC site. The template has now been used to capture fully cross-referenced details of over 500 craft on that site.


Last updated March 2018