IT consulting

What I can do for you

Web development

The majority of my consulting time is spent either developing new websites, adding content or functionality to old sites, or project managing the deployment of sites developed by other companies. Click here to read more about this.

Business support

I can assist you will general IT issues: installing computers, fixing problems, managing systems when your IT manager isn't there to do it for you. I'm happy to work out of hours and will work in remote locations anywhere in the UK or Europe if required. Overnight stays are charged at the lesser of hotel cost or mileage to/from Stoke-on-Trent. For extended stays away from the Stoke area, I may relocate my boat into the area to reduce travel time/costs.

I specialise in office relocation and installations. I can handle everything from wiring, dealing with utilities, laying out offices, installing equipment (not just computers.) Tell me what you're trying to do and I'll see how I can help.

For all the above, you will receive a personal quotation before any work is done. This may be a daily/hourly rate or a total project cost. Rates vary significantly depending on the type of work to be undertaken and the length of the project. Planning time before the start of any project is not charged, with the exception of travel mileage if this exceeds 100 miles, which is then charged at 45p per mile.

APC depots

If you're a depot in the APC Overnight network read on. I can help you with your Depot Program issues. Having written 99% of it, I still know it better than anyone else.

I can offer training and support on the existing system, or deputise for missing staff (though I don't do consignment data entry, sorry. There are other people who can do this more quickly and more cheaply.) I can also help recover your system if there are problems, though this is NOT guaranteed. There are times when nothing but a backup will do. You do take backups, don't you...!

APC are currently migrating to new web-based system, and I am involved in the evaluation and testing of this. As a result I am no longer offering to develop custom routines, or do anything non-standard for APC depots. Thanks to everyone who has made enquiries about this in the past, your custom has been much appreciated!