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9 hp Bolinder replaced by 15 hp Bolinder in 1950s. Lister HA2 engine installed in 1971. Lister JP2 engine installed in 2001, which was removed and put into Monarch when a Kelvin J4 was installed in 2005.


Renumbered 214/51 when acquired by BWB. Sold by BWB in 1970s.


Captained by George Page in the 1960's, then by Clark Walters in the 1970s. Now based at Shardlow. Partial conversion under canvas. Paired with ex-LMS butty Norah (now known by it's Willow Wren name Dabchick.)


BWB changed engine to Armstrong Siddeley AS2 , 20 hp in late 1960s, enabling Tench to work with a butty. Sold into private ownership by BWB in mid 1970s. Rebuilt at Horseley Fields dock; was owned by Midland Canal Transport. In 1982, travelled from Middlewich to Northampton via the Shropshire Union with Seaford and Lynx, carrying a one-off cargo of road salt, which attracted significant publicity at the time but did not lead to any regular work.



Sunk at Northwich depot in 1979, the boat was moved to Ellesmere Port in 1979 with Lamprey, shortly before the IWA National Rally. It has been part of the Boat Museum collection since then. Unconverted in BWB yellow livery.


The boat lay at Northwich yard until 1979, at which time it was moved to the wide below Nantwich. It was purchased and restored with a longer engine room (12' as opposed to the usual 9' for the Fish class.) A 15hp Bolinder engine was fitted. Unconverted in BWB blue livery. Based at Leigh.


Engine replaced in 1950 when it was paired with the converted Dory. Was later used as a maintenance boat in the north-west until the 80s when it was sold off after going through a bottom gate at Marple while loaded with piles. It was repaired and is now used to deliver fuel in the midlands, based at the owners coal yard above Bratch on the Staffs & Worcs. Is in owner's livery.


More information about the boat can be found on owner John Jackson's website.


An ongoing restoration project in Bristol Docks (new stern and back cabin being the main projects.) Apparently close to completion, after which it will be based in Birmingham.


Sold into private ownership in 1972. Engine was replaced with a Bolinder 15hp in 1951 when the boat was paired with a butty, possibly Dory. In the 1980s a 4 cyl. Gardner was installed. Boat is now in two halves, in Notts undergoing major restoration, with a Lister JP3 to be installed.


The boat was with BW in their North Western fleet based at Anderton 1948-1963 then sold to Jack Taylor who had a carrying business based on the Shropshire Union from 1964-1975. The original forecabin was removed in about 1951 when an Armstrong Siddeley AS2 engine was fitted to allow the boat to tow a butty.



Became part of the 10 boat (4 motors, 6 butties) Midland fleet, formed from the North-western fleet in the early 50s. Main cargo was coal from Brownhills to the Royal Worcester factory and a backload of broken pottery moulds from Worcester to a local dump. This carried on until 1961, when the trade ceased after tolls were put up and the fleet was absorbed into the Southern fleet.



Was moved from Northwich to become part of the Boat Museum collection in 1979. (BW removed all the derelict/sunk hulls from their yard just before the IWA National Rally in August of that year.) Is now in private ownership and based at Stretton on the North Oxford.