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Very little is known of this boat, which is thought to have been scrapped in the 70's. (See Mullet)


Caggy Stevens was reported to have bought two ex-FMC hulls in the 70s, scrapped one and used the other. One was used as the rear 60' of an unnamed boat with an LMS front end, sold to Eddie Powell and now called Russia. Mullet and Skate are the only obvious candidates as the other boats of similar design are accounted for elsewhere, and as the boat that survived had the letters 'LE' still just visible on the hull when it was at Caggy's yard, it is thought that it may be Mullet.


Little is known of this boat, which was broken up at Northwich by BWB in the 70's. The reports of the boat still being around are incorrect and actually refer to a newly built BW maintenance boat of the same name. There are several of these around, including Rudd, Skate and Salmon (which wasn't even a Fish boat name first time around!)


Ian Riley had recovered Carp from Norwich Middle Flash where BWB abandoned her; then it was acquired by Steve Wakefield. It was later sold to a group of young musicians and abandoned, sunk, at Croxley Green, Rickmansworth from whence Graham Holland raised it.



Little is known of this boat, which no longer exists. Various reports suggest it was either broken up at Runcorn or sunk on one of the T&M flashes. The images here are of the suspected remains in Billinge Green Flash.