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Engine replaced in 1950 when it was paired with the converted Dory. Was later used as a maintenance boat in the north-west until the 80s when it was sold off after going through a bottom gate at Marple while loaded with piles. It was repaired and is now used to deliver fuel in the midlands, based at the owners coal yard above Bratch on the Staffs & Worcs. Is in owner's livery.


More information about the boat can be found on owner John Jackson's website.


Caggy Stevens was reported to have bought two ex-FMC hulls in the 70s, scrapped one and used the other. One was used as the rear 60' of an unnamed boat with an LMS front end, sold to Eddie Powell and now called Russia. Mullet and Skate are the only obvious candidates as the other boats of similar design are accounted for elsewhere, and as the boat that survived had the letters 'LE' still just visible on the hull when it was at Caggy's yard, it is thought that it may be Mullet.


The boat was with BW in their North Western fleet based at Anderton 1948-1963 then sold to Jack Taylor who had a carrying business based on the Shropshire Union from 1964-1975. The original forecabin was removed in about 1951 when an Armstrong Siddeley AS2 engine was fitted to allow the boat to tow a butty.